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"Ok First Off, I am Not a Robot. I have not been paid to write this review. I am an actual customer of Brush Masters. They have just finished painting the complete inside of my FURNISHED  3 Bedroom Ranch Home.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to even think about painting the inside of your house with all your furnishings and other junk laying around in different roms? It's a Nightmare thought!! One that took me a long time to do.

I am a Vietnam Veteran. Due to My PTSD The VA wanted me to get a Service Dog. Right now she is in training and will be coming home to live with me in March of 2019.I was in a place where I had to have the inside of my house painted due to the fact that I smoked cigars. You get the picture. You can imagine what it looked and smelled like.

Enter Joseph & Marco from Brush Masters. You all have read reviews ware people rave about this and that about how good and what a great job was done. Ok ....Now lets forget that stuff... Brush Masters not only did a Fantastic paint job on the inside of my home , but also moved furniture 2 or 3 times in the same room to apply a total of 4 coats of paint.

Two Coats of Oil Base primer...Followed by Two coats of Top Finish paint. To say it looks like a new house is an understatement! It looks better then when i moved in 20 some years ago. Besides fixing plaster dings and reshaping a few walls and fixing settlement cracks this place is like a model home.

I could goo on an On. This Company also painted the outside of my house a few months back. I had friends that drive by my home call me and tell me my home has never looked this good. Brush Masters has all their Ducks in a Row.... from The Proposal Paperwork to Insurance. These 30 something guys have been painting for years.

Joseph stated painting when he was very young with his father and has been doing professional painting all his Life.

Marco is also a Painter but is the Construction and Forman for Brushmasters and is responsible for checking on quality of work during ongoing projects.

To sum it up as I could go on and on ... There is a Saying that goes....

Give Brush Master's a Call Today... They are EXCELLENT!!"

- Mark Richman.| Egg Harbor Twp, NJ

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"Brushmasters did a fantastic job painting our bedrooms and bathroom! I highly recommend them! Joe was very responsive and his crew did and amazing job. They are very focused on customer service and will make sure you're happy with their work. They were right on time and did exactly what they promised. I would hire them again!"

- Cheryl B.| Ocean City, NJ

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"Hired Brush Masters as few times to paint my home. They are the best painters."

- Shawn T.| Ocean City, NJ

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"My name is Jean and I was so happy with this company. Joe was pleasant professional and friendly. Great work great price. He got the job done in the time I was quoted. I would defiantly recommend them to my family and friends. I very happy with the work. It was nice to have someone who really cares about the little guy. Thanks Brushmasters. Aka Joe. You guys are the best."

- Jean.| Ocean City, NJ

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