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Here It From Our Franchisees

Our Franchisees Love Us!

It's all about the family at Brush Masters Painting. We take pride in building long-lasting relationships with our franchise owners. Check out some of our owners' testimonial videos.

Julio- Owner of Brush Masters of EHT, NJ

Julio boasts an extensive background in both the painting and construction industries, having dedicated most of his professional career to mastering these trades. With a keen proficiency in management and logistics, he orchestrates operations with finesse. Having successfully owned the EHT location for over a year, Julio is renowned for his meticulous attention to detail and astute financial acumen, consistently driving impressive profits.


Erin & Bryan- Owner of Brush Masters of Vineland, NJ

Erin and Bryan found themselves stuck in unfulfilling jobs before stumbling upon Brush Masters. Drawing from past experience running their own part-time small business, they craved the autonomy of entrepreneurship once again. After engaging with Brush Masters, they regained the confidence to take the leap. Fast forward to nearly completing their second full year with us, Erin and Bryan exemplify the success stories we cherish.


Multi-Unit Franchise Owners

Horacio Jr. & Horacio Senior Social Image

Horacio Senior & Jr.- Brush Masters Painting Of Beaufort, NC


“We are so confident in Brush Masters systems that we purchased another location only one month after purchasing the first location. Brush Masters makes things very simple.”

Mario & Horacio Profile Image.jpg

Mario & Horacio- Brush Masters Painting Of San Antonio, TX


“Brush Masters has allowed me to be my own boss and call my own shots, it’s a great feeling providing a quality service to the market and being able to improve their lives”

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