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Benefits Of Power Washing Before Exterior Painting

Spring is right around the corner! If you’re planning to get your shore house painted, you’ll want the job to turn out right. After Brush Masters Painting services you, there should be no issues later with how well the exterior stands up to the weather for many seasons to come.

Power washing before exterior painting is an important way to get results and the benefits you want.The benefits include the following:

1. Long lasting results. Power washing the exterior before painting will remove the dirt and grime from the building and prepare the surface to receive the paint. When a surface isn’t clean before it’s painted, the paint will have difficulty with adhering to the surface. Sooner or later, moisture will start to get in behind the paint. Then, the paint can start to peel, blister, or bubble, all of which are bad news for a homeowner.

2. If you’re getting the exterior painted and the power washing is done first, your home will have smooth surfaces with no paint bubbling, blistering, or peeling problems later.

3. Another benefit includes no interior water damage to repair. Once power washed, the paint and any caulking material used has the best chance to adhere to the surface. All moisture will be blocked so that it cannot seep into the wall areas, floor areas, or other areas.

It is unfortunate when a homeowner gets their house painted by a professional but does not get long-lasting results they had expected. The only option is to get the work completely re-done, along with any repairs necessary to fix rotting wood or other water damages caused by poor quality paint jobs.

As a well-known painting company with exceptional reviews, Brush Masters Painting knows that proper surface preparation is key to any exterior paint work.

If you are looking for a power washing service in New Jersey, please call Brush Masters Painting at 609-222-4935 or email us at

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