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Why Exterior House Painting?

Cosmetics: Who doesn't want their home to look great? Make a good first impression with friends and family with a stellar exterior paint job from us.


Value: Painting and restoring the exterior of your home can raise the value by 10%!


Longevity: Paint seals the surface applied to and repels the elements from destroying your siding.

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Power Washing

We can professionally clean your home to impress your family & friends. Learn the difference between soft wash and power washing.


Siding Painting

Learn how we prepare and paint or stain any siding and trim surface. We have an extensive exterior painting process to protect your home year over year.


Door Painting

The color of your front door says a lot about your home. No matter what type and material we can professionally improve the appearance of your doors with high-quality exterior latex paint. 

"Literally transformed my home. I almost pass the driveway when coming home lol"

- Brian W. | Homeowner


Masonry Repair

Cracks in your homes foundation and other cement surfaces can cause issues with water. We can caulk and/or fill these cracks before coating with quality paint.

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Lead Certified

The last thing you need to do is worry about lead paint. We are specially trained in sotting lead paint and understand the proper procedure to keep things safe.

Varnishing the Deck

Deck Stain Or Paint

There's nothing like having the family out on the deck for a summer BBQ. Protect your deck from parties, dogs, and weather with quality stain or paint.

Exterior House Painting In 4 Easy Steps

We take pride in our exterior painting process. There's a certain way to do things when painting. Only seasoned, experienced, and skilled painter know all the trick of the trade to get the job done fast and looking great!

Heres how we do things:

Phone Call

We make things easy when you contact us for a free estimate. Whether you call us, fill out a form, or chat with us we will respond promptly, we know your time is valuable.

  • Contact us and you will be promptly greeted by one of our experienced Administrative Reps. Your information will be added to our system and your estimate will be scheduled at your convenience.

  • Our system will automatically send you an email and text message confirming the day, arrival window, as well as a photo of your Sales Pro.

  • Receive an email containing our legal docs, references, warranty info, and more.

1. Scheduling

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2. Estimating

Our accurate and transparent no pressure sales process provides our clients with the confidence and trust they deserve. Learn more about estimating.

  • Receive "on my way" email and text notification so you're prepared for us

  • Our highly experienced Sales Pro will arrive on time to introduce our company.

  • We will provide you with our Company Folder containing legal and other info.

  • After careful examination, measuring, notes, and documentation, we will provide you with a detailed professional proposal containing exactly what we will be doing, when we'll be doing it, and how. 


3. Preparation

Prep is key, that's why we spend the majority of our time here. Exposed siding or trim will quickly rot or breakdown and need replacing which is much more expensive than sealing with quality exterior paint. Learn more about preparation.

  • Clean, scrape loose paint, and sand surfaces​ for maximum adhesion

  • Prime bare surfaces using oil-based penetrating products

  • Caulk and fill gaps and cracks to prevent water intrusion

Luxury Home

4. Painting, Walkthrough & Clean Up

Leaving things better than they were is our motto. Our Project Manager won't say the jobs complete until you are satisfied. Learn more about painting & clean up.

  • Expert painters will carefully paint all prepared areas to make them look new

  • Brush Masters only uses quality exterior paint products on your home

  • At the end of the day, we remove tools and equipment and close gates

  • Our Project Manager and you inspect the job to your satisfaction.



Paint Color Handbook

Get the right color the first time

"They have painted many of our properties in the past. Best exterior painting contractors in the area."

- The Brady Family

Exterior Painting Services 

Brush Masters Painting can paint just about any surface. The professional-grade exterior paints are key to successful results.

Check out all the surfaces we can paint for your home:


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Power Washing

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Window Sash

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Vinyl Siding

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Entry Doors

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Store Fronts

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Beach Houses

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Cedar Siding

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Garage Doors

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