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Trending Interior Colors For 2019

From powerful aquas to soft earth tones, deep greens, and energizing whites, these companies are connecting the dots between consumers' lives and the spaces they’re surrounded by.

Color is all around us and selecting the best one for a project is not an easy task. Often choosing a color is the hardest part of painting.

Here are the top interior and exterior paint colors for 2019.

Living Room in Carvern Clay

CAVERN CLAY- Sherwin Williams Color of The Year.

This earthy color is excellent for both interior and exterior painting. We have used this color for exterior stucco and for accent walls.

This color is best for areas with broken up sections of color. Large areas with no trim or other contrast may be a little too much.


Off white is a very popular color as it is easy to match with and goes just about anywhere.

Guest bedrooms and powder rooms are great areas to splash this color, as long as the room isn't too large.

DOVE WHITE- Benjamin Moore

One of the most trending painting projects we have been seeing is cabinet painting.

Although we have painted a few cabinets custom bold colors most homeowner default to white.

You can't go wrong with white cabinets. They look new and fresh and match anything in your kitchen.

Dove White is by far the most commonly used color white for cabinets and woodwork. 👍

YOUTHFUL CORAL- Sherwin Williams

Bold and beautiful, this deep coral color goes great with bright blues and greens and gives a room a pop!

Perfect for dining rooms or kitchens in a satin or egg shell finish. We used this color several times this summer.

No matter what the space is, there's always a perfect color to brighten up and make it special.

If you need professional help selecting a color for your next project please contact us for a free consultation.


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