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How Paint Can Protect The Exterior of Your Home

Even though synthetic siding has been popular for quite some some, most homes exteriors still consist of wood, cement and other paint and stain worthy surfaces.

Even vinyl siding can be painted, but this is only if the condition desperately needs it or 10 years of the same color is making you want to sell your home.😵

Caulk and primer play a huge roll in protecting the exterior. Applying caulking to cracks and gaps will help not only keep the elements from entering, but it will look better too.

Primer is great to seal bare surfaces and help the top coats adhere better. Oil based primer is recommended for exterior applications.

The sheen/ finish of the paint is a good way to protect your home. The higher the paint sheen/ finish, the better it is at repelling moisture.

AT Brush Masters we Caulk, Prime and paint all exterior wood trim and siding with high grade satin finish paints. Satin is not too shiny or a finish but it repels moisture great!

Some homes look a lot better in a flat finish which doesn't repel moisture as much, but the quality of the paint makes up for that. Plus flat is easy to re-coat, so touch up is a breeze.

Protecting decks and walkways are important as well. A wooden deck will last much longer if properly sealed. Stain will not protect wood, it is just for color. What really protects the wood is the clear coat.

Usually polyurethane or varnish is applied over stained wood to seal over, protect and bring out the color of the stain. Some solid stains already include urethane and do not need an extra coat.

Sealing cracks in cement foundations and walkways before sealing or staining them is recommended.

You can stain and seal cement surfaces with paint or stains. This will give your patios, walkways and foundation walls a longer better looking life.

Brush Masters Painting has been staining and protecting wood surfaces interior and exterior for years and know what products suit what surfaces and when is best to apply them.








Cement Patios

If you need any exterior painting or staining please contact us for a free over the phone and on site consultation.


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