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How to hire a painting contractor

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Hiring a painting contractor isn't easy. There are thousands of companies claiming they can professionally paint your property. In reality not many painters have the correct legal documents to properly perform certain tasks during work.

If you don't hire the right contractor it can lead to disaster. Make sure they have all the correct insurance and are bonded.

Some companies charge you an arm and a leg for paint then buy the cheap stuff or water the good stuff down.

Call references and check online reviews. Residential and Commercial painting contractors should have proper training and safety regulations.

The company should have multiple presence on the web like a Facebook page, website, directory pages, etc. for social proof. If they are only on one channel most likely they are not too serious of a company.

Companies giving ridiculously cheap estimates is a tale sign that they are not paying overhead costs like liability insurance and other legal requirements.

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