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Bored Because You’re Stuck Quarantined At Home?

With the coronavirus outbreak you’ve probably been working from home a lot and getting tired of looking at the same walls every day. Here’s a project we recommend that will make your home a more pleasant place to stay all day!

This DIY can make your home a more welcoming, comfortable environment, and now that you’re stuck at home you can complete this project. If you need a quick refresh, consider repainting your boring old walls. Why not repaint a wall or two if not the entire room? If the colors make you feel down, it may be time for a fresh coat of paint. While plain white paint may be your first choice, you don’t have to restrict yourself to just one color. A striking shade on an accent wall can make a huge difference, transforming a tired, boring space into a brand-new living experience.

Most major paint companies like Sherwin Williams sell online, and many have apps that allow you to preview their colors on photos of your walls. Before starting this project, make sure you empty the room of all furniture and other items that could be damaged. If you don’t have the space, simply gather furniture at the center of the room and cover it, along with the floor, with drop cloths. Keep the space ventilated with fans and open windows. If you can, complete the project on a warm, dry day to ensure the fastest possible dry time.

To prep the walls, apply painter’s tape to the wall’s crown molding and base, outlets and light switches, doors, windows and corners. Make sure the tape is firm, using a putty knife as necessary. Stir the paint with a wooden paint stick before starting and re-stir throughout the process. Once the paint is mixed you can begin.

Good luck! If you would like us to paint your home, please call us at 609-222-4935 or email us at

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