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Be A Smart Homeowner

Do an internet search on “residential contractor horror stories” and the results you get back may make you never want to hire someone to do work on your home again. Some common, frightening themes of woe you might see:



  • Contractors that low-bid to get a job and then do shoddy work and use substandard materials


  • Residential contractors that take their sweet time to finish a job, missing deadlines and becoming annoyed if asked when they are coming back


  • “Extra” work that adds to the bill on top of the original estimate


  • That friend or family member who was referred but turns out to be incompetent, thus leading to a broken friendship or awkward Thanksgiving dinner


  • Subcontractors that are less competent than the incompetent contractor


  • Contractors that go out of business in the middle of a job—and already with the homeowner’s money


  • Individuals who demand money up front and show up in a shiny new truck after they’ve been paid but can’t seem to make a deadline or give a straight answer


  • Contractors that ignore homeowner questions or requests


We’ve heard plenty of these residential contractor horror stories, and we’ve seen the after-effects in homes that have been diminished by the poor work of “professionals” whom homeowners trusted.


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Is the company associated with the Better Business Bureau?

Does the company provide a warranty?

The business must have the correct insurance.

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